Summer ‘19 - kaaroInterns

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Summer of 2019

This is going to be a doc for things to target and do in Summer of 2019

List of objectives

  • Workshops/Talks in Local Developer Communities Attend - 10
  • Make a WebComponents lib
  • Best Merchandise of the Month - 2 times i.e 1 each month
  • Wikidata query of the Day - Longest streak - or a Large question bank - Minimum 20
  • FlutterArsenel listings - 20
  • Cold product sales - door to door- 20 These could be our digital services, products or consultancy. (Calling, visiting, internet marketing - all allowed)*
  • Commit to code
    • commits to new/existing running compute functions
  • Commit to a culture
    • setting/refining set processes
  • Instagram and Twitter entity building
    • set of entities
  • Internal Knowledge Sharing/Panel sessions on topics listed

Also, this summer, we would be looking at picking up “freelance” work from the ecosystem as well to fuel the internships planned.

List of places to apply for tech

  • SocialCops
  • Dalchini