Make technology work for you.

Empowering Connected Devices

We are a technology startup commited to building, maintaining the `Toolkit` for the `Web 3.0`.

- Ubiquitous
- Semantic Web
- Immersive Graphics
- AI

Cooking in labs

Some of our internal projects.


IoT enabled merchendise


Supercharging events and conferences with Face Detection and Recognition systems

Flutter Arsenal

A categorized directory of libraries and tools for Flutter.


Using the new Twitch APIs, we pick up from the most viewed games and broadcaster, to pick a new clip for you everytime!


C++ RTC interface and trigger management library for IoT


Instagram viewer in VR


an ESP32 hack to showcase Touch input pins

Thought Jumper

a viewer in VR for complete holistic knowledge transfer and seamless content consumption


What are we upto?

Instagram + Wendor

less than 1 minute read

WendorEvents WendorEvents is the name used by us internally to refer to this project. First tested and deployed at Megaboxing event 2019 in Gurgaon, is now d...

Thanks 91springboard

less than 1 minute read

91springboard Noida in Sector-1 has been our place of operations for the last 2 years.