Make technology work for you.

Empowering Connected Devices

We are a technology startup commited to building, maintaining the `Toolkit` for the `Web 3.0`.

- Ubiquitous
- Semantic Web
- Immersive Graphics
- AI

Cooking in labs

Some of our internal projects.


IoT enabled merchendise


Supercharging events and conferences with Face Detection and Recognition systems

Flutter Arsenal

A categorized directory of libraries and tools for Flutter.


Using the new Twitch APIs, we pick up from the most viewed games and broadcaster, to pick a new clip for you everytime!


Instagram viewer in VR


an ESP32 hack to showcase Touch input pins

Thought Jumper

a viewer in VR for complete holistic knowledge transfer and seamless content consumption

Virtual JustBuzz - Buzz em

Virtual JustBuzz for Demo


What are we upto?