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Event Proposal - Kreeda Kendra

About Us

Kreeda Kendra is a small experience meetup set up for a group of like-minded individuals-associates-partners. We have discussed, debated, felt, and contributed towards this new age of connected devices in the last few years.

This year, to enforce more information sharing, experience sharing and also maintain a healthy feedback loop, I present Kreeda Kendra - a makeshift gaming-themed experience centre.

We aim to showcase and present new and interesting use-cases of tools and products created for technologies of IoT Networks, Computing and Data Science.

On 29th Febuary

  • 1 x CS:GO Finals 5v5
  • 2 x 1v1 Booths for (CS:GO/FIFA/Rocket League)
  • 1 x Retro Game A
  • 1 x Retro Game B

Big Picture of KreedaKendra

The event would also host GE-enabled stations, as 1v1 Competetive booths, Retro gaming booths and/or social hotspots.

The products to be utilized for the event as of now are:

  • 5 x CREAM devices
  • 3 x FaceEvent Cams
  • 5 x LhL Modules
  • 1 x Wendor XL
  • 5 x HomeSwitch Devices


The entire events would be logged and managed solely through identity management tool created for FaceEvents. This would encompass Registration, Welcome and onboarding, Sale/Buy Food, Gaming Tokens, Sale/Buy Merchandise.

The Economy

The economy would be managed by the Vidiyo engine as promotion for a celebrity shoutout platform:

The Bots

We would have 3 main products at the display this event.

  • CREAM - Customized Real-time Engagement acceleration merchandise
  • Lighte-hi-Lighte - Mood lights for you.
  • HomeSwitch - Offline first Home Automation Kit


  • InstaPrint - Social Gratification that you can take home!
  • InstaWend - On-ground Gratification bot

The Web


  • Invite only for now.
  • It is a DEMO day + Fun evening
  • The aim is Khaao+Khelo


Time Agenda DRI Special Requirement if any
11:00 AM Opening Ceremony / Ice Breaking Kartik
12 noon Open floor Choose your own game. Venue Tour All 🎮
12:40 PM More about FaceEvents Dheeraj 📷
1:00 PM Brawlhalla/SpeedRunner Tournament Kartik 🎮
1:10 PM More about C.R.E.A.M Kartik 🖼
1:30 PM LhL - latest CREAM merch Ashtam Singh 💡💡💡
2:00 PM Lunch All 🍲
2:40 PM More about GE Kartik 📱
3:00 PM FIFA Tournament Gandharv Bhagat
3:20 PM More about Chitransh 🍹
4:00 PM CS:GO 1v1 finals Ashtam
5:00 PM High Tea 🍵 All 🍜
5:30 PM Live AMA Kartik
6:00 PM Closing notes Kartik
  • CS:GO prelims start at 12 noon
  • HomeSwitch Demo at 12 noon with Rackesh

All schedules are Tentative until the event. After the event, they are history and then they are in stone. I shall share that as well.



Head Value (INR)
Venue TBD
Staff 2k per volunteer per day. 5 needed for 2 days.
Marketing Material 20k
Event Decor 15k
Food 350 per person. 50 expected
Systems + AV setup TBD
Event Merchendise 5k


Head Value (INR)
On-premise devices 15k per device. Min 5 recommended.
Periferal Screens 10k per screen. Min 3 recommended.
1 device for balance/status check
1 welcome/onboard
1 each GE machine (n)

GE Tools

Head Value (INR)
Gaming Booth 20k per booth. Min 2 recommended.
1v1 Center 5k. Min 2 recommended
CREAM units 5k per frame. Min 5 recommended
LhL units 3k per unit. Min 10 recommended


  • Travel cost of players/volunteers. Limit: 2k per player. Max 10 to be sponsored.
  • Liquor Licence: 15k a night. 1 night


Images tell a better story, if you are reading this, you must have been there or have been associated with one of these memories. Let’s make more together:

Images Carousel Full Netlfix FUll

Current Scope of Work

  • Partner Freeze
  • Budget Freeze
  • Game prelims
  • Catering Finalize