Looking for sponsorship for Hill-hack ‘19

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Looking for sponsorship for Hill-hack ‘19

This document is to serve as Request for Sponshorship for funds required for Hill-hack 2019.

Executive summary

We know that xxF has as its mission a desire promote a co-laborative, community driven innovation and existance. Hill-hack 2019 provides us with a great oppertunity to live and showcase these values as well as our ecosystem.

We are seeking your support in terms of monitary sponsorship to make our visit a success.

Session/Activities planned

Budget Required

Item Quantity Per Unit Total
Travel Expense 4 4,500 INR 18,000 INR
Listen device Installation 3 8,000 INR 24,000 INR
Makey-Makey Kits 5 2,000 INR 10,000 INR
Supplimentry material for workshop 1 10,000 INR 10,000 INR
Accomodation Charges 4 * 6 days* 1,000 INR 24,000 INR
Misc 4 * 6 days* 1,000 INR 24,000 INR

Total Expected expenditure: 1,10,000 INR