AgriWatch is an Agriculture monitoring system. Using precise system and smart algorithms, AgriWatch can automate the tedious agricultural processes. AgriWatch is a simple, easy to install device for farms. The device calculates soil, weather, ambient air and crop data and send it to server for further analytics. Based on the analytics data, servers operate the irrigation pumps and valves based on crop’s requirement. The smart platform will provides insights to the farmer about the choice of fertilizers, pest-control, and upcoming crop-planning.

dashboard page screenshot with humidity graph dashboard page screenshot with soil moisture graph dashboard page screenshot with sunlight graph
Screencaptures from dashboard.


Soil Ph Value

Soil Moisture

Soil Temperature

Leaf Wetness

Ambient Air Temperature


Air Pressure (Barometric pressure)

Wind Direction

Wind Speed

Rainfall Measurement

Lightning Sensor

Cloud Height (Sky Visibility)

Sunshine Hours