What do we do?

Akriya Technologies is a full-service IoT technology and service company. Our high synergy team, innovative problem-solving techniques and a creative touch enable us to help people embrace this decade’s Digital Transformation.

Broadly, we have been providing technical consultation and services in the following categories:

  • Designing and developing complete technology System (Hardware + Software) This entails a more e2e approach, from design to engineering and development. Some technological advancements have driven traditional methods of operations obsolete. In scenarios like on-ground cash management, event management, record-keeping, etc. a complete system design is required.

  • Building or augment to existing systems Retro-fitting existing infrastructure with modules to help improve efficiency, portability, performance and availability.

How do we do?

We design-hack-use a toolkit.

This toolkit is how are able to fulfil our, our client’s and our community’s needs.

  • SoC Modules + Mobiles
  • Web Technologies + Data
  • Collaborative tooling
  • Design Toolkit
  • Operations Tooling
  • Community help

These tools with the right set of hand enable us to design, develop and build wide ranges of

  • Data acquisition devices
  • Reactive systems
  • Scalable cloud services
  • Flexible workflows
  • Intelligent modules

Why do we do?

We aim to make people embrace technology.

This thought is deeply rooted in all of us, because of how Technology (as we know it), has changed our lives (as we knew it).