Thought Jumper

Thoughtjumper is a thought taking tool to collect, organise, share, collaborate, watch your thoughts.

Introduction TJ - What are Thoughts and ThoughtMaps from Thoughtjumper on Vimeo.

TJ is semantically structured and helps create thought maps; which can also be actionable sequence of thoughts(against predefined baselines and rules) better known as quests.

Both, thought maps and quests are by design - knowledge graphs.

Thoughtmaps can be authored, forked, and explored.

Thoughtjumper can be used for

  • organising and exploring information
  • telling a story
  • doing an investigation
  • sharing your journey
  • mapping a process
  • collaboratively brainstorm


Thought Jumper is now being developed and launched by edvanta.

Waitlist for the next release is open at