Supercharging events and conferences with Face Detection and Recognition systems

User Onboarding Modules

These are a set of services created for user onboarding from various platforms. These aim to collect the following data,

Data Type Stage
User Phone number (Primary)
User Name/Alias (Stage 1)
User email-address (Stage 0)
User face-id (Stage 2)
User address (Stage 3)
mobile number Verify (Stage 3)
email address Verify (Stage 3)
His profile (*) (Stage 4)
Stage 0: first interaction with the User
Stage 1: User visits one of our site/modules
Stage 2: User visits one of our onboarding modules
Stage 3: User visits to verify himself
Stage 4: User visits to build identity (Optional)

The following are the Onboarding services categories by Stage:

  • Emailers (Stage 0)
  • Flyers (Stage 0)
  • List from Events Industry (Stage 0)
  • WhatsApp (Stage 1)
  • QRCode (Stage 1)
  • Web app (Stage 1)
  • Android App (Stage 1)
  • iOS App (Stage 1)
  • Google Actions (Stage 1)
  • Amazon Alexa Skill (Stage 1)
  • Robot/On-point Voice bots (Stage 1)
  • Robot/On-point Camera bots (Stage 2)

On-ground Modules

These are hardware installations/plugins that enforce the FaceEvent flow.

  • Base Lock/Unlock module or Verification Module

This would be the base module, with a camera and a compute stick with network capabilities.

  • Identification Module

These are modules linked for capturing usage statistics from the camera for a different location, linked to a business identity They would interact directly with the FaceEvent services.

  • Feedback Modules

These are screens and visual displays linked to an expensive SOC to help enforce, facilitate and ease the FaceEvents flow.

On-cloud Services

These are set of services deployed as a backend for the Onboarding and Ongound modules.

  • Authentication
  • User data management
  • Data storage (face-images, assets, etc)
  • Common Onboarding APIs - (new, update, delete, blacklist)
  • Common FaceEvents APIs - (detect, fetch)


To be consumed by superusers. Help create reports, logs, etc.


  • Robot/On-point Voice bot
Data to Capture:    Name
                    Mobile number 

To link:    FaceEvents weblink
            FaceEvents mobile app     


  • Whatsapp bot
Data to Capture:    Name
                    image (to-be-tested)*

To link:    FaceEvents weblink
            FaceEvents mobile app