IoT enabled custom merchendise

What is C.R.E.A.M ?

C Custom
R Real-time
E Engagement
A Acceleration
M Merchandise

CREAM is a system created by Akriya Technologies, to build web-enabled merchandise for increasing engagement and fully leveraging technology in this competitive customer-centric field. The system is designed to provide end-users with notifications and actionables to interact with the Influencer.

Using CREAM, we can have an omnipresent engagement mechanism by surfacing updates and actionables on peripheral/IoT devices. There is a range of web plugins/hooks we leverage to build engagement rules for each device, based on Influencer demand.

What do we do?

Akriya Technologies is a full-service IoT technology and service company. Our high synergy team, innovative problem-solving techniques and a creative touch enable us to help people embrace this decade’s Digital Transformation.

Broadly, we have been providing technical consultation and services in the following categories:

  • Designing and developing complete technology System (Hardware + Software) This entails a more e2e approach, from design to engineering and development. Some technological advancements have driven traditional methods of operations obsolete. In scenarios like on-ground cash management, event management, record-keeping, etc. a complete system design is required.

  • Building or augment to existing systems Retro-fitting existing infrastructure with modules to help improve efficiency, portability, performance and availability.

How do we do?

We design-hack-use a toolkit.

This toolkit is how are able to fulfil our, our client’s and our community’s needs.

  • SoC Modules + Mobiles
  • Web Technologies + Data
  • Collaborative tooling
  • Design Toolkit
  • Operations Tooling
  • Community help

These tools with the right set of hand enable us to design, develop and build wide ranges of

  • Data acquisition devices
  • Reactive systems
  • Scalable cloud services
  • Flexible workflows
  • Intelligent modules